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Mini Bus 24/28/35 passenger 

When you have a plan for attending a large party or traveling with a large family, you may want to consider hire a minibus instead of a car. There are many advantages to hire a minibus, and it is also fun to travel things other than ordinary vehicles. Hire Minibus service that can be organized as easily as cars and there are a variety of vehicle types and models to choose from us. Our minibuses can carry 24 passengers, 28 passengers, and even up to 35 passengers in very large vehicles. Hire a 24/28/35 person executive minibuses come only from Crystal Transportation services. We are successfully carrying out group transportation throughout Washington, DC.

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Mini Bus 35 passenger

Our professional driver will quickly transport your group to any destination on your route. At Crystal transportation Services, all employees and drivers understand the importance of providing exemplary services on every trip. Our staff is patient whether your destination is twenty minutes or two hours, our staff will corporate with you and you will enjoy your journey.

Emphasizing comfort, at reasonable we provide 24/28/35 passengers minibuses for your choice. Whether you are attending gatherings or weddings with a large group of people, our minibuses service makes it easy for you to travel. Consider to hire a minibus from Our Crystal Transportation services instead of others at a cheap price

Advance Amenities

  • Luggage storage above the seats PA system
  • Air conditioning and heating System
  • Fold-out seats
  • TV/LCD
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electrical sockets
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